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DRS50L Robot

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Delta’s SCARA robots can easily integrate with control units and peripheral components to form highly integrated robot workstations. They can be applied in a wide range of industries including consumer electronics, electrical /electronics, rubber and plastic, metal fabrication and for processes such as screw driving, dispensing, assembly, load and unload, soldering, transporting and packaging .

When matched with peripheral devices including servo systems, machine vision systems and linear modules, the highly flexible and integrated Delta SCARA not only satisfies both single devices and workstation applications, but also enables modularized production lines and multi-products production with consistently good quality.

Delta SCARA can be easily applied to production automation for higher flexibility in achieving smart and efficient production, and improving productivity, quality, and labor efficiency.
        Sensor-less compliance control function
Multiple teaching methods and direct teaching
High speed and repeatability, excellent linearity and verticality
Industries: Consumer electronics, electrical and electronics, rubber and plastics, packaging, metal fabrication and others
Applications: Insertion, screw driving, assembly, glue-dispensing, soldering, load and unload, stacking, and inspection

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